My mixed media paintings, collages and wood-based constructions are rarely planned beforehand.

In some multi-media artworks I cut words and phrases from newspapers and arrange them to communicate something that has not been thought out ahead of time. It's an inventive process that moves forward as I find the "right" word or phrase--totally dependent on the words found in newspaper articles. Sometimes my text becomes a spontaneous, strange poem. At other times it is a prose narrative but does not quite tell a coherent story. 

A wood-based construction starts with found materials. I experiment with materials and media and see where that leads. Hiking along the banks of Rock Creek in Washington, DC, I find previously used and weathered wood and metal. Paint, lumber store wood, and collage are then added. The pieces evolve in ways that surprise me.

With the collages I am interested in emotional and psychological moments and scenes. Ambiguity, surrealism.and humor play a big role.