My mixed media collage paintings, collages, landscape paintings, and wood-based constructions are rarely planned pieces. They evolve through experimentation.

The collage paintings begin with a photo I've taken. Then collage and painting take over and suggest new colors and new elements in the composition. This process lends itself to experiment with the sharp reality of the photo giving way to dreamlike, out of focus painting.

I am interested in emotional and psychological moments and scenes. Ambiguity, surrealism.and humor play a big role.

At times, I cut words and phrases from newspaper articles and arrange them to communicate something that often does not quite tell a coherent story.

A wood-based construction starts with found materials. I experiment with materials and media and see where that leads. Hiking along the banks of Rock Creek in Washington, DC, I find previously used and weathered wood and metal. Paint, lumber store wood, and collage are then added. The pieces evolve in ways that surprise me.